October 1, 2018

Meeting Harry for the first time - Tom's take

We had a provisional slot booked in for Char to have a C-Section on the 26th but on arrival we had a scan and were told that Baby Stansfield (as he was then known) was not breach. Both Char and I had got our hopes up that we were going to be holding our baby by lunchtime and couldn't wait to meet the little squirt! After quite a stressful morning we finally got another scan which suggested that he was going to be on the bigger side.

Dr.Philipa gave Char the news we'd been waiting for and we got the go ahead. I looked over at Char and she broke down (happy tears). The midwife then broke down too. I didn't know where to look.

I then got into my scrubs (felt like a doctor)

30 minutes later we were in theatre and Baby Stansfield was ready to come out of the sunroof.

Our midwife Beth was epic. She let us know exactly what was going on and was incredibly professional. Before we knew it Thomas Junior was here. He cried for the first time and I copied so he didn't feel like the odd one out. They whipped him over to heat lamp and did their checks.


Whilst we haven't really told many people (now we're telling the internet), little man wasn't quite right and the special nurses from neonatal came to check him out. He had a 'raspy' cry and needed a little special attention. Before he went up to spend a little time at 35 degrees we had some cuddles and skin to skin.

Best bit about theatre was that he pee'd up the wall.

When I went back to Char she asked about his hair colour and stuff and my response was 'I don't know.... I was just looking at him'..

Later on that evening I got the chance to go to the top floor and spend some time with the little tyke. He was under observations but looked super comfortable.

I facetimed Char so she got the chance to see him and we were told that it wouldn't be long before we could go back downstairs.

Here was the magic moment when we were all finally back together:

From here in we were in unknown territory and I was the man with lots of silly questions. Mum and baby are doing well and i'm a dad!!

Tom Stansfield

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