The Stansfields' Story

The Introductions...

A Bit About Us

Hi - We're the Stansfields. Formally the two of us (and our two cats, Sven and Olaf) but we're now pleased to introduce you to Harry Thomas.

Char and I have been together for years. Char works in probate for a Trust Corporation and loves what she does. I'm in marketing. We live in the beautiful city of Lincoln and have started this website to document our journey into parenting. For our family it's an opportunity to keep up to date with little Harry, for our friends it's a chance to have a giggle at our lives (we laugh at ourselves too) and for those of you that may not know us yet, you might get insight into having your own little baby and what to expect.

The Future...

We can never be sure what the future holds but we can certainly plan. Our aim is to take advantage of every opportunity and not to miss a second of it. We expect that there will be bumps in the road and hurdles but we're a tight family unit.
We're blessed with amazing family and fantastic friends so we'll have some funny stories to share with you along the way.

Sven and Olaf

Of course, before Harry there were two other additions to our family; ours cats - Sven and Olaf. Full of character proud older brothers, here's a bit about them.


Sven's the black one. Smaller than Olaf but by god is he the boss. He eats what food he wants and isn't scared of anything. He's a mummy's boy.


Olaf is the white one. He's a massive wimp, loves to sleep on the bath mat and hates visitors. Loves his dad to bits though.


The Story So Far


Our First Date

It was that long ago that I don't actually remember where we went. It could have been Charlotte's house. If so I would have been dressed head to foot in an England kit. It could have been an Italian restaurant that my mum used to drive us to called Don Giovanis. Either way, that's where the romance blossomed. (Just a heads up - this picture was taken at a house party when we were 15 and my hair looks stupid, I know!)

Our First House

We bought our first house in 2013. It was a cosy little 2 bedroom end of terrace in the sleepy village of Witham St Hughs. We loved the house and would still live there if it was a little bigger.

The Proposal

It's embarrasing when I look back on it so i'll let Char fill you in on this.

The Big Day

The hottest day of the year but one of two special moments in our lives. Branston Church and Washingborough Hall Hotel. Surrounded by family and friends. A day we will never forget!

House Number 2!

We decided we needed a bit more space. I wanted a double garage, Char wanted a dressing room. We've worked really hard and we're pleased to have been able to purchase our forever home.

Harry's Arrival

This is what this website is all about. We wanted to share an insight into our little world, what makes us tick and share our funny moments with you. 

Harry will no doubt give us lots of funny little moments.