November 11, 2018

Dad's take 6 weeks on/ life at the moment

So I'm starting to get into the swing of things now. We're 6 weeks in and Harry is still such a little gem.

I've learnt that I am not as patient that I would like to be and that Charlotte is so good with Harry. I'm not the best at burping him so Char sometimes takes over. Yet, I can do it at 4am when she's asleep. Perseverance needed!

The little sprout is going through the night with only one feed now and is smashing 5oz at a time which means we're getting more sleep now. I also never realised how challenging having a child could be but the support we've had has been ace. Thank you all! The first 2 weeks are a blur and you run on adrenaline. The next 2 weeks are probably the hardest and then you realise you can do it, you're not alone and that things get easier. We now understand the different cries and noises, I'm a wizz at changing nappies and before you know it 6 weeks have passed and you're rewarded with your first smile - best feeling ever!

The routine we have seems to be working super well. Char engages him all day which must be hard work and I like some time with him in the evening giving Char a little time to be herself.

Work is super busy but everyone in the team is great and the SWW is moving forward.

The cats are trooping along, didn't like the fireworks but I don't know many that do. Their relationship with Harry is definitely one of tolerance and most of the time they avoid him but when they want some cuddles with us they will get a little closer and have an occasional sniff of H's head. Olaf hasn't pinched one of Harry's dummies in a while which is also good.

This last week has been action packed. Visits to the midlands for work, Hayley and Dean coming over for a bottle of wine (or three) and a welcome visit from my sis too. Then Mother coming to say hi on Sat morning before whipping me to the station so I could catch the train to Notts for time with some friends. (Winning at life).

Tips for new parents. Start getting organised before the arrival. Leaving the house takes ages! I had no idea how long it would take to prep the baby bag. I'm not the most organised person in the world at the best of times so realising that getting Harry ready, prepping his bag and remembering to look after my self all adds to the pressure of going out.

I'll close by saying that it's times like these when it's important to take stock of how good life is, how lucky we are and to remember to keep working hard.

Anyway, that's all for now. Speak soon.

Tom Stansfield

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