November 18, 2018

Busy working week

This week has been great! I've met some very interesting people, had some productive meetings and had plenty of time spent on the business. This has allowed us to begin planning what we're going to be doing over the next 12 months. The business plan is being remodelled and the new marketing strategy is under development. I may sound sad but this is what I love!

As a person I've never been a fan of networking so I took the opportunity to attend a new event with a difference this Thursday gone. The event didn't involve speed networking, I didn't have to give a 30 second pitch and I could meet people on a down to earth level. The event was held at Revolution in Lincoln and organised by a connection I have on LinkedIn. I rather enjoyed it, met people I had seen online and some who I knew as well as making new connections. It was also held at a bar so I was bound to enjoy it, wasn't I.

I have also walked to work a lot this week. It's not really far, in fact, about a mile door-to-door and gives me some fresh air. Also, let's face it... I need the exercise. Walking gives me enough time to think about what I'd like to achieve throughout the working day and on the walk home I can think about how the day has gone and what I would like to achieve with my other business ideas.

When getting home this week I got to spend some time with wifey. It's the little things like going to Sainsbury's or watching the Apprentice that we enjoy. Best of all, I got to bath the boy too. Friday was my night with Dean and Garry which was mega fun. Xbox time and plenty of laughs. Can't beat it! And now we're at the weekend.

This weekend has been relatively chilled. Town with the wife to get her an outfit for Leanne's 30th birthday party. I'll spend some time on my new website: to get it close to a launch and might even cut the grass (although I doubt it). Then, on Sunday, family day so will treat the wife to some lunch out and then a relaxed Sunday night before a fresh week at work.

A quick note:

Sam at work told me that his favourite day of the week is a Monday because "you've got a fresh start and a brand new week ahead. You can put the last week behind you and work on this week". I love that so I'm going to adopt this new way of thinking.

Tom Stansfield

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