October 28, 2018

Been a crazy weekend

Good evening,

I don't seem to have stopped this weekend. The weekend started with a visit from my Mum. Despite her only living around the corner (a couple of miles away) we don't get to see her as often as we would like. This comes down to a mixture of things but ultimately it's that we're all busy people.

She came over until about 11am when I raced around the house getting ready for lunch with a friend. It was my intention to start a couple of out of hours projects this year and I've got the perfect people in mind for that. I headed out to the Cross Keys in Epperstone which is an award winning pub in Nottinghamshire (north of  Notts). Naturally I was late. Only ten minutes but it's not good enough, I hate being late. Lunch was lovely though. I had a lamb shank on a butternut squash puree with a cranbery jus. Delicious!

After lunch and discussing some cool new ideas for a website I wanted to run, I headed home to spend some time with Char and Harry. We didn't have long though and our evening was spent with Scott and Charlotte at Scott's 30th celebrations. Sadly I couldn't partake in the whisky tasting and the Arbelour that I had bought as a 30th treat because I was driving. I have been informed that it is fantastic and i've been promised another opportunity to sample it which I won't be missing.

I didn't sleep well on Saturday night either. 'You've got a newborn now - you won't sleep' I hear you all say. Instead of sleeping I amused myself with baby Harry, nappy changes, and when he was settled, I found the best 'predictive text mistakes'. Sadly my chuckling woke Char. This was the opposite of what I had tried to achieve. I planned on staying awake longer to do her feeds so she could sleep.

So... Sunday morning dawned on us and we gained an hour. I grabbed a couple of hours sleep and when I woke, Char and Harry were downstairs. We got up and we planned to head out for the day as a family. Initially, we planned to head out to the coast but thought it might have been a little chilly so decided to go an view a car that i'd seen on AutoTrader. It was about 45 minutes from ours to there and we had a good look around the motor. The salesman was very nice (as you'd expect) and I was test driving it before I knew it. The route was 4 miles but it took in country roads, town driving and I put the car through it's paces. When we got back I got a valuation on mine. I expected to lose a little on what I paid but a £6.5k drop was an insult!

We decided to go for a carvery to have a think about it. On reflection it's not for us. The spec wasn't as good as my current car and the only things going in its favour was the fuel economy and the boot space. After we had stuffed our faces, we headed home via Morrisons (for Char's cider) and chilled out on the sofa watching the Everton v United game. Typically Everton, despite showing some great attacking play, lost! I consoled myself with the new Red Dead Redemption 2 game. It was an 87gb game!! In our old house, with our old internet it would have taken days to download. Here it took about an hour and I played a whole chapter. It's epic.

I came up to bed at about 11pm to get some sleep ready for an exciting week at work. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tom Stansfield

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