October 26, 2018

4 weeks in - the biggest challenges so far

Nobody said that this parenting thing would be easy and I was a little guilty of complacency after two relatively good nights in hospital with the support of the hospital staff. Getting home and then not knowing what to do came as a bit of a shock.

I read that the first two weeks whilst challenging would be OK because I would be full of adrenaline. We're now four weeks into having had little Harry and i'm not going to lie, it's tough. Sleep deprivation, a 9-5 and trying to find family time is a bit of a juggle but I am a clown.

If I could give my '4 week ago self' some advice then it would be - communicate from the outset and be there for the wife. You're in this together.

We all have feelings and the crying can be frustrating but it won't last forever. Char has been super strong and always seems to pick me up when i'm struggling. She takes the 4am and 6am feed which to my mind are the hardest. She also has the ability to sooth HazMat when I want to leave the room. She's a star!

Lots of people have children. We're no different and many people have faced what we've been through so we're not different. One thing that makes us feel special though is the miracle that 9 months in Charlotte's tummy has brought. Little Harry gives us a feeling like no other. The little fella makes funny noises, smells and movements which have us constantly on our toes. We're now always thinking about what we can do to comfort the little fella and we're now thinking about what the next four weeks have in store.

Watch this space...

Tom Stansfield

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